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Do you fancy yourself as a Motorsport Journo?

With the best will in the world, and with so much going on in the summer, there is no way that can be at every tvr event. But we would like to cover as many events as possible!

So, if you would like to contribute an article or two, have a digital camera (of at least 4M pixels), and can string a few words together then please get in touch. We are specifically after coverage of the many tvr Motorsport events such as the Dunlop TVRCC Tuscan challenge, The TVRCC Sprint series and various Trackdays etc. Many of these are on the same day, so you can see where there’s a problem.

Varied reporting will be key to our coverage. We do have drivers and competitors who will be doing some reports for us, but we would like to have different events covered from different angles, ie Pro Driver, Rookie Driver, Support Crew, Experienced tvr Motorsport Enthusiast, and of course First Timers.


So get in touch and you could be published on the "tinternet" in your own article. We cannot afford to pay you (we want to keep the site free and good value for advertisers) but you will get the glory of have your article/photos published and if so, you will be listed on our site as a contributor!

So drop us a line at and let us know which events you hope to  be attending this year!  



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